A funeral plan in association with Kenneth Keegan Funeral Directors. With the ever rising costs of a funeral, we believe this plan gives our members peace of mind, knowing they will not be leaving this financial burden to their family at an already difficult time.


Members interested in setting up a Funeral Plan should let us know and we will pass on the member’s contact details to Kenneth Keegan and we will arrange a meeting with him to discuss member’s wishes. This meeting will take place at the location most convenient for the member.

Once the Plan has been discussed and agreed with Kenneth Keegan, the information will be passed to the White Cart Credit Union which will pay Kenneth Keegan Funeral Directors the cost of the member’s Funeral Plan. The funeral costs are normally between £2,500 and £3,500.

The member will then arrange to make regular contributions to the Plan, the cost of which will be interest-free for 12 months. Thereafter, any balance remaining will become a loan from the White Cart Credit Union, with interest payable at the current terms.

The member will have a new account set up and make arrangements for regular payments into the plan, by cash at the Credit Union office or by Standing Order.

The member cannot withdraw funds or do any transfers out of the new account.

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